The Comp Dok

Providing onsite computer and network support since 1996

The Comp Dok is closing it's doors on May 31, 2017.

It has been my great honor to serve each of my customers, many of whom I consider friends in my daily life. Ever since I started this venture way back in July of 1996 you have all been as supportive of me as I hope I was for you.

Moving forward I have accepted a new role in one of my customers companies full time which will be my focus. I will however maintain my e-mail account until July of 2018 for support purposes. I won't be responding during business hours for the most part, but you should have an answer next business day during this time frame.

I thank all of you, for without you this business was nothing at all. You made it happen, and you grew it.

Be blessed, be happy, and above all be generous.

Thank you.